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Several RV manufacturers have specific ways to obtain manuals.  Try these first.  If they do not have the manual you need, just let us know and we will be more than happy to post your request.

If you check the manufacturer web site and don't see your make or model listed - call them.  Often the parts department or customer service has manuals not listed on the web site.

Pop-up Campers:  The site, PopUpPortal.com has lots of manuals in PDF format.  Please check for your manual.  If they do not have what you need, please let us know and we will be happy to post the request.  If you find a pop-up manual from another person or source, please let them know so they can add it to their library.

Airstream:  A fellow RVer sent this link to online manuals offered by Airstream.  They also offer a variety of phone numbers you can call if the manual you need is not listed.

ChampionThe link we had for the Champion Owners Group is no longer working.  If anyone finds a Champion resource, please let us know.

Coachmen:  Coachman offers owner manuals as well as several other excellent publication.  Go to their web site, http://www.coachmenrv.com/OwnerManuals.aspx or call (800) 453-6064. Coachman is now part of Forest River so you can also contact them (see below) for additional help.

Cruiser RVThe company website is http://www.cruiserrv.com/index.php.  You can also call DRV (they handle the manuals, warrenty and tech support) at 260-562-1075.

DutchmanDutchman offers downloads of manuals and support info from their website, http://dutchmen.com/.  Select "Customer Service" at the top of the page, then "Owner's Manuals".  If your manual isn't listed, call them at (574) 537-0600 (Thanks to Stacy. 3-17-10)

Dynamax You can reach Dynamax via their web site at http://www.dynamaxcorp.com/Index.aspx. From there, you can call or e-mail the company for a manual.

Fleetwood:  Fleetwood, like many companies, fell victim to bankruptcy in 2009.  They completely dropped their towable line and now only deal with motorhomes.  If you are looking for a manual for any Fleetwood product, first try their website at http://www.fleetwoodrv.com/partsandservice/#manuals If your model is not listed there,  call 1-800-322-8216 for customer service.  Talk to a human.  If you strike out on both resources, let us know and we will be happy to post your request.

Forest River: Hello Vince and Ann. Sometime ago you contacted me and asked if I’m the appropriate person to request manuals for the Forest River products for. At that time, I was the contact for all manuals, however since then, we’ve implemented some changes. Most manuals can now be ordered through our web site (www.forestriverinc.com) where we now direct all customers. If they are unable to get what they need through the website, they need to call 574-389-4600 and ask for their specific product line’s parts personnel and they can assist  them with that. Thank you.   Thank you, Steph Richardson   Thanks Forest River, we appreciate your help.

Foretravel:  I spoke with a gentleman in parts that said anyone needing a manual should call Foretravel at 936-564-8367Thanks Foretravel.

Gulf Stream:  You can visit the Gulf Stream web site here http://gulfstreamrvtrailers.com.  You can also contact them at (800) 289-8787.

Heartland:  You can find the Heartland RV website at http://www.heartlandrvs.com.  You can also contact them at 877-262-8032.

Itasca:  Itasca brochures and manuals are available on their web site.  Contact info is also available.

Jayco:  I contacted a very nice lady at Jayco and she gave me two avenues you can follow to obtain an owners manual.  You can send an e-mail requesting the manual to service@jayco.co.  Be sure to include the last 8 digits of your RVs serial number.  Or, you can call 1-800-283-8267 (customer service) and request a manual.  Again, you will need the last 8 digits of the serial number.  Thank you Jayco.


Wes Simkins of Cunningham Campers has made the following offer:  "If you have visitors needing Jayco Manuals I may be able to assist. I can usually download most manuals from Jayco and make them available for the requester to download within 24 hours. I don't mind offering this service for free.   Thanks,  Wes"

12-3-08 Update from Wes:  Hey Vince,   Hope everything is going great on your end. It has been quite some time since you placed my email address on your website for Jayco Owners Manuals. I wanted you to know the response was so overwhelming I ended up putting all of them on our Parts Website for people to download.   http://www.cunninghamcampers.com/download--jayco-owner-manuals   I never realized how many people purchased used campers with no manuals. I wanted to thank you guys for sending them our way. If you want to let them know they can come download the manuals feel free to do so. I put a autoresponder on my email address so they are told automatically if they email me.  Wes.  (Thanks Wes.)

Keystone:  Please check the company website: http://www.keystonerv.com/ They offer several methods to contact customer service.  They have both phone and e-mail contacts listed.  They should have no problem in supplying the manual you need.

KIT:  An RV friend found the company web site for Extreme Warrior RVs that now owns the Kit Manufacturing Company's RV division.  They were happy to supply him the manuals he needed.  You can also reach them at 208-806-0243.

KZ:  KZ has an excellent web site at http://www.kz-rv.com/.  They have both phone and e-mail contacts listed.  Contact them for a manual.

Lazy Dazs:  You can find their web stie at http://www.lazydaze.com.  You can also call them at (909) 627-1219.

Mobile Travelers:  Hi! I stumbled across your web page and figured since I did, i'd add some info for Mobile Traveler RVs. Since the company died in 1990, I have been maintaining a list on Yahoo for the Mobile Traveler, as well as creating a new presence on Facebook. (Mobile Travelers Owners Group) Both of them are easily locate able on the net. Feel free to add this info to your page, as some MTer may find it handy.   I used to work at MT in the 1980s. I am doing what I can to help owners of the MT since the company is no longer here.   Sammy Williams

Monaco (Holiday Rambler, R-Vision, National):  An RV friend sent us the following:
I just wanted to pass on some information about Holiday Rambler (Monaco National Parts)

I just recently purchased a 1976 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5000 Mini Motor Home and of course it didn’t come with any owner’s manual for the coach. I contacted Monaco National Parts at 1-877-466-6226 and they were able to provide me a photo copy of the original owner’s manual for $25.00 plus shipping. I think it’s a good price as I’ll probably save at least that much in not damaging the RV systems by knowing how to properly operate them, not to mention troubleshooting and repair information.  

Please add Monaco (Holiday Rambler) to your manufacturer’s list as they seem to be very willing to help me out and maybe others into RV’ing can benefit too.   Thanks,  
Mike Simpson (8-21-07)

NOTE:  There seems to be a lot of confusion at the Monaco customer service center.  One caller will get a manual and the next will not.  Give them a call and talk to a human.  If they say they don't have your HR manual, let us know and we will be more than happy to post your manual request.  Thanks.

(Received this note from an RVer) Monaco (r-vision) I recently purchased a used 2005 21ft Trail lite travel trailer, no manual. I called the telephone number listed on this site and was helped by a very pleasant helpful man. I was able to get a manual. The cost is now $45.41plus shipping. The part number is s-03213438. This covers multiple sizes, floor plans & models up until 2008. He also said if I have any questions not answered in the book to be sure to call the same number and they will put me in touch with a tech who can help me. Also when you call, they do NOT have a trail lite choice. Choose holiday, rambler, national extension. Thank you for this site and link. 10-27-2014 kb (Thanks Kathie)

National RV:  Although National was bought by Monaco, many documents are available at "National RV Archives" (http://www.nationalrv.org/).  Check with Monaco also but this might help.

Newmar:  You can contact Newmar through their website (http://www.newmarcorp.com/) or call them at 1-800-731-8300.  Some info is available to download.

NuWa:  Here is the website for this manufacturer:  http://www.nuwa.com/ You can download some info and contact them for specific manuals and brochures.

Palomino:  Check the Palomino web site and give them a call.  The web site lists three divisions and three phone numbers.  You may have to call all three to find your manual.

Play-Mor:  Play-Mor is alive and well in Westphalia, MO.  Give them a call at 1-573-455-2387.

Scamper:  If you have a Scamper RV, you can contact Customer Service through the Kodiak company.  The website is:
http://www.kodiak-rv.com/index.php.  Call Customer service.

Shasta:  Although not an official "manufacturer's" site, there is a very active user group on Yahoo that should be able to help you.  Please contact http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Classicshastas/,  Go to that group and ask about the manual you need.  Also, you may want to contact Forest River as this is one of their RV lines.

Skyline:  Skyline makes a complete line of RVs including Nomad.  You can find their web site at http://www.skylinerv.com.  You can also call them at (800) 348-7469.

Sportscoach:  There is a pretty active group on Yahoo Groups that have some manuals to share.  Go to the group called vintagesportscoach  (http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/vintagesportscoach/) and ask about the manual you need.

Starcraft: Starcraft manuals for 1990 to current models are available online.  Go to http://www.starcraftrv.com/brochures/index.html and download what you need.

If you can't find the manual you need online, call Joyce at StarCraft at 1-800-945-4787, then press 4. She is the Warranty Manager.  Anyone in her department should be able to help you.

Motorhome Manuals:  Mary dropped us a note (12-5-09) to say she was told by Starcraft they did not have any motorhome manuals.

Teton:  Although not a "factory" site, Teton RVs have an active owners club -Teton Club International.  You can contact them through their website at http://www.tetoners.org/index.html  They may be able to help find you a manual.

ThorMany manuals are available for current Thor company RVs.  The Thor website (http://www.thorindustries.com/ ) will give you a list of companies.  Click on yours.  Although you may not find a link for manuals, you will find a phone number for the company (Thor 877-855-2867).  Call them and ask for a manual.

If you have a Citation, Corsair or Chateau model, please call 570-658-2340 to get a manual. (Thanks to Mark, an RV Friend, for that info.)

Tiffin:  Many manuals are available on their web site, http://tiffinmotorhomes.com.  If you don't see your model listed, you can call them at 256-356-8661.

WinnebagoI spoke with a very nice lady at Winnebago who provided the following instructions for obtaining manuals:

"For owners manuals, we prefer for owners to request a manual from their local dealer. Here's the simplest way: 

  • Click on Resources and then RV Parts and Accessory Catalog

  • Starting on page 230, there is the list of owners manuals and the part numbers. 

  • Owners can find the manual they need and the corresponding part number and quickly and easily call their local dealer about ordering the manual for them. 

  • We also have an owner relations department that can assist in providing part numbers for manuals: 800-537-1885."

Thanks Winnebago, we appreciate your assistance.  Vince (2-8-07)

An RV Friend, Kristin Kent, sent the following link for Winnebago manuals:  http://www.winnebagoind.com/service/webcd.htm.  Thanks Kristin. (3-13-10)

For RV appliances and systems, please contact:

Atwood Mobile Products: 574-264-2131
Carefree of Colorado: 800-621-2617
Carriage Carpets (Shaw Flooring): 877-706-3054
CCI Controls: 800-521-5228
Coleman: 316-832-4357
Denso: call Fleetwood 800-322-8216
Dometic: 800-544-4881
Fantastic Vent: 800-521-0298
Generac:  888-GENERAC
Intellitec: 800-251-2408
Kidde Safety Products: 800-880-6788
Kwikee Products: 800-736-9961
Magic Chef 800-688-1120
Magnadyne: 800-638-3600
Norcold 800-543-1219
Onan: 800-888-6626
Power Gear: 800-334-471
Riverpark: 800-442-7717
Suburban: 423-775-2131
Suburban Dynatrail Furnace Manuals
Thetford: 800-521-3032
Velvac: 800-783-8871
Winegard: 800-288-8094
Xantrex (invertor/chargers and control panels )


Also see our Links page for more suppliers.