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Manual Exchange Information

(or  how this program works!!)

First and foremost - We don't have ANY manuals.
Not one. Zero. Nada.

What we do is provide a free service that puts the RVer wanting a manual in contact with the RVer who has a manual.  (We also list those manufacturers that will send you a manual on request.)

We do this by listing your request on our Manuals Exchange page.  We sort the requests based on the year of the RV.

Hopefully someone with the manual you need will contact you.  Any shipping costs or copy costs are strictly between the two RVers.

We keep the request posted for at least six months.

If anyone lets us know they have a manual to share or has found a manual, we try and post that information also - in blue type.

If you are looking for a manual, just send an e-mail to "" and we will post your request.

If you have a manual to share, just send an e-mail to "" and we will post that information.

And you should know: 

  • We need the year and make of your RV.  (re: 1995 Sunrise) as well as any other information you want to include.

  • Please give us at least your first name when you send us your manual request.

  • We do not show postal addresses or phone numbers, only e-mail addresses.

  • We do not correct grammar or spelling errors. (We have enough trouble with our own grammar and spelling!)

  • Please do not use a e-mail address where we have to apply to be on a list of "approved senders" to respond to you.  We do not respond to those.  To avoid our response from getting trashed, please add "@rvingthemidwestconnection.com to your "approved senders" list before contacting us.

  • Make sure the words "manual request" appear in the subject line of your e-mail.  For security reasons, we do not open e-mails with blank or wierd subjects.

We have also posted some information from specific manufacturers that provide manuals directly, as well as the web address and phone number for RV appliances and accessories.  If we find any web site that has manuals available, we will happily list that address.

We hope this makes the process easier to understand.  We wish you luck.