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About Us

Ann & I started camping with a tent, then a pop-up and finally graduated to a full size travel trailer.  Like most RVers, we had "2-ft itus" so we upgraded to a larger RV.  We took RV trips all around this beautiful country and met some wonderful people.  We would not have been able to afford to see as much of this country as we did if it was not for our RV.

We started our website in 1996 when we lived in Southern Illinois, just east of St. Louis.  Our first pages were hand coded in HTML.  It was quite a learning experience.  Over the years we have met a lot of great people via our web site.

We moved to the Southern Missouri Ozarks to be close to our daughter and family and sold our RV in 2004.  We thought about buying another but with the price of gas that may have to wait for a while.  Now our family is carrying on the RV tradition as they have a pop-up and the grandkids are having a ball.  We are fortunate to live in one of the many beautiful areas of this country.

We decided from the beginning to keep our web site non-commercial.  We have no sponsors, we don't sell anything and accept no banner ads or other advertisement.  For several years a fellow RVer (Herb Steck) provided free server space for our site and we will always be appreciative.  Herb's situation changed and he can no longer provide this service so we are providing our own web hosting.

When we started this web page in 1996, there was very little Internet information available on "RVing".  At that time, our little site filled an important niche.  It was our goal then, as well as now, to "give back" something to the RV community and I think we continue to successfully do that.

Over the years more and more RVing web site have popped up - many of them extremely well done and a few even non-commercial like us.  Now you can find pages and pages of information on every facet of the RV lifestyle.  Numerous sites list and rate campgrounds, offer repair and maintenance instructions and offer everything from hitch to bumper and everything in between.  Some of the maintenance sites are operated by professional full time RV repairmen and they are extremely knowledgeable - more than we could ever hope to be.  We have become good friends with the owners of some of these sites and because we have always been non-commercial we have never been in competition with them.

We decided to scale back in 2006.

We dropped the RV maintenance pages, the campground listings and the forum page.  There are more than enough sites, much better than ours, to carry the load.  Just take a look at our Links page!!!

We want to thank all the visitors who have stopped by our site over the years.  We look forward to making even more RV friends in the years ahead.

We welcome e-mail and respond directly to all we receive.  Please feel free to contact us and just say hi.

Vince & Ann